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February 27, 2013
Two of Westmoreland County’s most historical sites could receive some additional public attention in the future. This comes after action was taken to join them with similar sites to form the Road to Revolution Heritage Trail.
February 15, 2013
Richmond, VA – The Road to Revolution State Heritage Trail consortium, joined by state commerce and tourism officials and related hospitality industry, announced a major expansion of the Trail doubling the size and scope of the program. Trail sites include Mount Vernon, Gunston Hall, James Monroe’s Birthplace, Stratford Hall, Montpelier, Monticello, Ash Lawn-Highland, Scotchtown, Hanover […]
February 14, 2013
The Civil War has dominated tourism promotion in Virginia in recent years, but the road to independence is about to get some additional attention.
February 14, 2013
Virginia’s “Road to Revolution” heritage tourism trail is expanding to the Northern Neck, and tourism proponents hope it brings with it tourist dollars and wider interest in the region’s Revolutionary War-era history.
December 4, 2012
Monday, December 3rd was a magical evening at the first Members’ Winter Wine Reception. The walkways were lined with lanterns, and the Osage orange and holly trees were glowing wonders as you approached the grounds. The walkways were lined with lanterns and the Osage orange and holly trees were glowing wonders as you approached the […]
News from the Trail
February 3, 2014
James Monroe saw combat in the American Revolution and was a key leader during the War of 1812. Throughout his public service career, he advocated a strong national defense and an assertive foreign policy (best expressed in the Monroe Doctrine). An online presentation by the James Monroe Museum.    
March 8, 2013
March 19 – Bill Young will portray Patrick Henry in the last year of his life at Hanover Tavern at 7:00 PM. Young reflects back on Henry’s childhood, two marriages, religious convictions, love of children, various careers, and key contributions to the formation of the United States. The talk also includes excerpts from Henry’s best […]
Road to Revolution
February 15, 2013
The road to American independence was a long one, built on determination and sacrifice. The ideals of the American Revolution — embodied in the Declaration of Independence — continued to evolve even after the nation’s birth. The foundations of religious liberty were laid early, beginning with the First Great Awakening in the 1720s and stretching […]
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