Colonial Williamsburg
Virginia's Colonial Capital

From 1699 to 1780 Williamsburg was the capital of England's oldest, largest and most populous North American mainland colony and the seat of power in the new nation's most influential state.

Become a resident of a city on the verge of war — or in the midst of it — as you explore the government buildings, shops, homes, gardens, and taverns of the Revolutionary City. Meet the locals — townspeople, tradespeople, shopkeepers, political figures, women, and slaves — and learn of their hopes, struggles, and fears in these uncertain times. Buzzing with political discussion and dispute, the city comes alive. Enter the residents' homes or learn about their workplaces; see where they sleep, where they eat, and where they socialize. Depending on which day of the week you visit, you may find yourself in Day 1: The Old Order Collapses, 1775-1776 or Day 2: Building a New Nation, 1779-1781.

Explore the buildings where revolutionary ideas were born, discussed, and disputed. From the imposing Governor's Palace, meant to signal British order and power, to the Capitol, where a successful vote initiated American independence — these brick structures hold the city's past, present, and future. See how and where the residents of Williamsburg made a living. From a thriving Public Armoury churning out weapons to the shop of a Tailor looking for a new way to import fabrics — hear how industries were affected by the Revolutionary War.

101 Visitor Center Drive
Williamsburg, VA 23185
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