John Marshall House, The
Home of "The Great Chief Justice"
John Marshall
John Marshall

This large two story brick house located in the heart of Richmond 's fashionable 19th century "Court End" district was home to John Marshall and his wife Polly, and their family from 1790 until his death in 1835.

Marshall is best known as the "Great Chief Justice" for his role in creating the modern Supreme Court. He served from 1801 until his death in 1835 and his influential decisions such as Marbury v. Madison helped shaped the principle of judicial review. Marshall was a true Founding Father, serving in local, state and national government as well as the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the United States Government. He was also well known locally as a leading member of Richmond society and a gracious and jovial host.

Listed on the National and Virginia historic registers, the John Marshall House has undergone remarkably few changes since Marshall's lifetime. The property remained in the Marshall family until 1911 when it was sold to the City of Richmond. Orginally slated for destruction in order to make way for the John Marshall High School, the house was saved by local preservationists. Preservation Virginia has operated the John Marshall House as a museum since 1913 and is celebrating a century of preservation.

Located in the heart of Richmond's bustling downtown, the Marshall House is walking distance from the Virginia State Capitol, the Library of Virginia, and the Valentine Richmond History Center. Visitors to the site can enjoy a guided tour of the house including a remarkable collection of original furnishings, take a stroll through the colorful garden, visit the museum shop, or even try their hand at the game of quoits (John Marshall's favorite game).

818 East Marshall Street
Richmond, VA 23219
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